Couples Therapy

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If your relationship is in trouble, get help! When you are in couples counseling or marriage counseling with Ann, she is on the “side” of your relationship! Ann works right alongside both of you to strengthen the bonds that tie you and help you remember why you came together in the first place!

Have you already sought advice from a divorce attorney? Ann can help you with this, too. Just let Ann know what your goals are, and she can help you either stay together or seek an amicable divorce through a process known as collaborative divorce.

Relationships with others are very necessary to our sense of well-being. You can be in a relationship with someone of the opposite gender, same gender, or have more than one partner. You can be married, unmarried, or seeking pre-marital counseling. All formations of relationships are valued when you seek couples counseling with Ann.

Offering Exclusive and Exceptional Service:

Time is of the essence. If you both need more than the traditional once-a-week therapy session, let Ann offer you a variety of ways that can meet your needs. A Therapeutic Couples Intensive can be the way to go when you are in crisis. This can be tailored for you, for example, over 3 days with several hours a day, you meet with Ann and another qualified therapist. Just give Ann a call to discuss possibilities that can best serve you.

Ann blends two well-researched methods that are widely recognized for being effective in couples therapy and couples counseling:

Ann received training from National Marriage Seminars, learning the effective couples therapy techniques of Dr.

Couples TherapyJohn and Dr. Julie Gottman. The Gottmans have based their interventions on over 35 years of research with couples. Their methods teach couples how to deepen their friendship and intimacy. You will learn how to productively manage conflicts and increase your appreciation of each other.

Dr. Sure - Couples TherapyAnother highly effective method of helping couples is with EFT, Emotionally Focused Therapy. Dr. Sue Johnson’s work with couples using EFT has long-lasting results that suggest 86% of couples end up feeling happier in their relationships. The focus is on your emotional experiences with your partner. Ann has completed 2 seminars with Sue Johnson. Ann has been trained in EFT for couples with an externship. or    

Couples Therapy - Happy"Happy couples can:

  • Turn toward each other
  • Rebound from conflict
  • Make successful repair attempts
  • Soothe themselves and their partner
  • Stay emotionally engaged with their partner"

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